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Ordering Online should be as easy as ABC. If you do have any questions, we hope you will find the answers here.

Placing an order

It is only possible to order your adidas products from us by using the checkout feature of Please click here to learn how to do this.

Once you've placed an order with us, you can view your most recent order in the order confirmation e-mail you received. If you've saved your information and opened an account at, you can view all of the past adidas orders you've placed on that account.

Access your full Order History by clicking on my Account and entering your email and password. If you want to learn how to sign up for an account, click here .

Cancelling your order

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your order even if it hasn't shipped due to logistical issues. Your order is processed immediately.

No worries, you can refuse the delivery or return any unwanted items to our warehouse for a refund according to our Return Policy.

Promotion codes

If you return an order where a promotion code has been used, the value of the code will not be refunded. Promotion codes are only valid within a certain time as indicated when the promotion code was issued.

**Free call when called from a landline.